Board of Directors

Chairman Ben Coronell

Ben Coronell


Board Member Lori M. Grant

Lori M. Grant

Vice Chairwoman

 Corporate Secretary Lisa‐Marie Ikonomov

Lisa-Marie Ikonomov

Corporate Secretary

 Board Member Andrea Cadiente-Laiti

Andrea Cadiente-Laiti

Board Member

 Board Member William Andrews

William Andrews

Board Member

 Board Member Todd Antioquia

Todd Antioquia

Board Member

Vice Chairwoman Katherine Eldemar

Katherine Eldemar

Board Member

Executive Team

Interim President  CEO - Alaska Operations McHugh Pierre

McHugh Pierre

Interim President and CEO

Chief Financial Officer

Kathleen Moran

Chief Financial Officer

Vice President-Medical-Defense & Construction Group

John Mroz

Vice President – Medical - Defense & Construction Group

Craig Douglas

Vice President Capital Area Group

Vice President - Technical Services Group Bruce Swagler

Bruce Swagler

Vice President - Technical Services

Chief Information Officer Ben Johnson

Ben Johnson

Chief Information Officer

Vice President Business Development Patrick M. Higgins

Patrick M. Higgins

Vice President Business Development


Corporate Management

Director of Small Business Government Contracting Compliance Barbara Fujimoto

Barbara Fujimoto

Director of Small Business Government Contracting Compliance

Director of Finance & Accounting Lisa Fisher

Lisa Fisher

Director of Finance & Accounting

Director of Human Resources Nadja Kookesh

Nadja Kookesh

Director of Human Resources

Director of Shareholder Services Tesla Cox

Tesla Cox

Director of Shareholder Services